Mission Statement

The Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway’s mission is to steward a sustainable greenway by engaging the community, improving equitable access, and conserving the native ecology of our natural, public green space.


The Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway commit to work in partnership with the community, government, and allied organizations to steward the Hominy Creek Greenway to be a public green space in harmony with the environment and accessible by all.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Enhance the trail and parkland by securing FUNDING and deploying it effectively
  2. Strengthen the Friend’s ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY to enact change for the next ten years
  3. Develop strategic, collaborative PARTNERSHIPS that lead to investment in the Greenway and expand equitable access to the Greenway
  4. Boost AWARENESS of the Greenway to advance the Friend’s mission, vision, and priorities
  5. Expand efforts to ensure the parkland is ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE and more resilient to climate change and urbanization

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